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Law Technology News: Liberate U.S.: Do Government Legal Files Belong to the People?

Articles / July 1, 2010

Al Podboy, Director of Library Services, authored an article for the July 2010 edition of Law Technology News titled, "Liberate U.S.: Do Government Legal Files Belong to the People?"

According to Podboy, "Today, technology is shattering the fences of the legal plantation. Visionary technologists, legal scholars, and law librarians are working to make legal information free, so that the public can access court files, case information, laws, statutes, etc., without a fee. Freeing legal information will have a dramatic effect on legal research for both legal professionals and consumers alike. Many law librarians and other legal professionals have been getting excited about a 'movement' dubbed Its premise: all primary legal materials of the United States should be available, free, in an accessible repository."

Podboy's article goes on to provide background on the project, noting that its "agenda is to provide free access to quality primary legal information via the internet; encourage open sources for the production, development, and access of materials; and use 'crowd sourcing,'" and that the "movement is built on a three-pronged foundation: 1) the commoditization of legal information, 2) the historic transition from hard copy to online legal resources, and 3) vision and methodology."

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