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Dark Reading Quotes Hoffman’s Data Privacy Monitor Blog Post

News / November 23, 2011

Dark Reading, the premier online resource helping information security professionals manage the balance between protection and access, quoted Cincinnati Litigation Associate Craig Hoffman’s Data Privacy Monitor blog post in a November 23 article detailing the RockYou lawsuit settlement (“RockYour Lawsuit Settlement Leaves Question Marks on Breach Liability”).

According to the Dark Reading article, Alan Claridge’s personal information was stolen from RockYou, a leading developer of social games and advertising solutions for social media, in 2009. Claridge sued the company for damages and received a settlement of $2,000 after two years of litigation.

Commentary by Data Privacy Monitor said the proposed settlement might not make Claridge a rich man, but the decision issued by the court overruling the motion to dismiss Claridge’s claims gave support to a new avenue being used by class action plaintiffs to show actual damages following a data breach.