Amy Traub is honored with this year's Women's Committee Trailblazer Award as a fitting tribute to an inspiring firm leader.

Press Releases / April 1, 2022

The praise had to end at some point. Given the opportunity, though, it seemed as if the flood of glowing commendations and inspired accolades on behalf of Partner Amy Traub, Chair of BakerHostetler’s national Labor and Employment Group, could continue to pour in well beyond today – numerous heartfelt sentiments of support for a woman whose accomplishments, influence and work ethic have earned her the 2022 Women’s Committee Trailblazer Award. On March 24, Traub and hundreds of her colleagues got to hear that praise at the Partner Retreat in Miami where she was honored with the award, designed to recognize a woman lawyer who has made significant contributions to BakerHostetler and to the legal profession, and who inspires her women colleagues through example and achievement.

“Amy is currently the sole woman to lead a practice group, and only the second in the firm’s history – but her title does not come anywhere close to fully encompassing her contributions to the firm,” Women’s Committee Chair Jenni Edwards said from a podium at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Alongside her, Women’s Committee Deputy Chair Bridget McCabe added, “Amy, you’re a pure talent and a true star. If everyone you’ve impacted were invited to speak today, we’d be here well beyond the dinner hour.”

Instead, the Women’s Committee collected comments and praise from a range of firm leaders and colleagues who happily shared reasons why Traub is more than worthy of recognition. “Amy approaches every challenge with humility, with dignity and with grace, and I’ve really come to rely on her for her guidance and advice,” said Chairman Paul Schmidt to the assembled attorneys. Similarly, women from a range of backgrounds have offered tributes to Traub for serving as an inspiring role model, proud mentor and selfless promoter of others. For example, Counsel Fanny Ferdman has said, “I feel lucky to have had Amy as a mentor, colleague, friend and cheerleader for so long.”

Associate Saima Sheikh, one of several to nominate Traub for the award, said, “Amy is an outstanding mentor. When my first baby was born, Amy provided me lots of advice on being a working mom, shared her excitement for me and expressly stated how much she valued me.  When the pandemic hit, Amy continued to remind me to take time out to spend with my kids, which showed me how much she values me as person, not only as a team member.”

As a fellow attorney-parent and Traub’s Women’s Committee New Parent Program mentee, Partner Kathryn Zunno-Freaney shared, “While I believe her substantive work achievements are remarkable (and by themselves worthy of the award), what is most impressive to me is the long list of intangibles she brings to the firm and the women who are lucky enough to call her a mentor or friend. Amy’s confidence in me and focus on the many benefits I would bring to the table professionally, simply because I was now a mom, truly resonated and reshaped my whole view of being a working mom. Put simply, she is an antidote to the dreaded mom guilt we all face.” 

Notably, Traub’s mentoring, sponsoring and influence go well beyond parenting advice. As Partner Amanda Van Hoose Garofalo recognized, “Amy has a seat at the leadership table of this firm. It’s no secret that Big Law lacks women representation in the highest levels of leadership. Amy’s presence and ability to influence the future of this firm alone raises awareness of issues and concerns unique to women.”

Partner Nancy Inesta built on this, noting that Traub “takes the time to develop women attorneys and regularly seeks out leadership opportunities that allow women to showcase their gifts and achievements. Despite her time commitments to the firm, in the context of her billable and non-billable contributions, she will always make herself available to provide guidance on a professional or personal level.” Ferdman noted, “Amy expects nothing short of the best and motivates others to do the same. She is a true powerhouse who really has blazed quite a trail.”

Traub’s commitment to mentoring and developing women and other attorneys should not — and cannot — overshadow her incredible professional accomplishments. A national honoree in the Women, Influence & Power in Law Awards by Corporate Counsel and, Traub has always remained firmly committed to the progress of the practice area that she leads. “She has pushed the Labor and Employment Group to improve by establishing standards; better defining subgroups and appointing leaders; instituting a Future Leader Group to pave the way for positive results; and planning a group-wide retreat that would strengthen working relationships among our attorneys and allow us to better understand each other’s specialties,” said Van Hoose Garofalo.

Schmidt noted Traub’s influence and hard work beyond the Labor and Employment Group as well, stating, “In fact, it has been Amy’s leadership that has finally got us to this point, where we are back together here in Miami.” Schmidt was referring to Traub’s role as leader of the BakerHostetler COVID-19 Task Force: a critical group that, at the height of the pandemic, convened daily to monitor the severity of the situation and to carefully review communications from world and local health authorities. The Task Force’s efforts continue to establish updates and guidelines for attorneys and staff to ensure a safe return to the workplace.  

“Amy has helped draft and revise more than 100 COVID-19 firmwide protocols and guidelines, in addition to recording multiple video-training programs to keep our people safe,” said Inesta, who worked alongside Traub on the Covid-19 Task Force and the BakerHostetler OSHA Vaccine Mandate Team, launched by the Labor and Employment Group to serve clients with analysis and real-time guidance amid the chaos and compliance requirements of the pandemic. “It is difficult to quantify the number of hours Amy has spent discussing, developing, drafting, reviewing or revising protocols, as each has been part of a long process that includes numerous discussions with firm management to address often competing considerations.”

Traub’s passion and the honor’s spotlight put her in good company. The first Trailblazer Award was presented in 2018 to now-retired Partner Lisa Pennington and has since been presented to Chief Practice Partner Lauren Resnick (2019) and firmwide Diversity Council Chair Emily Crosby (2020). In considering Traub’s contributions, Crosby summed them up best.

“To the practice of law, Amy gives her considerable skill,” said Crosby. “To her clients, Amy gives her amazing energy, humor and practical approach. To this firm, Amy gives her time and thoughtful dedication to its success.”