Remote Work in Transition: Trends and Compliance Considerations

Events / February 14, 2023

For some organizations, remote work – hybrid or otherwise – is here to stay, while in others, we are seeing a shift away from remote work back to a more traditional in-office environment. Either scenario requires careful consideration of a number of laws. For example, does your organization need to register to do business in a state with only two fully remote employees? What employment laws do you need to be aware of with remote work arrangements? Consider meal and rest break laws, overtime laws, paid family leave laws, paid sick leave laws, wage payment laws and more. What are the tax implications of employing a fully remote worker versus a hybrid remote worker? Are there things to keep in mind when requesting or requiring that employees return to the office on a more frequent or permanent basis? Will accommodations need to be made? This session will cover these issues and more as the landscape of work continues to change.