Strategic Healthcare Initiatives


Our national healthcare system is experiencing immense change, presenting new challenges, risks, and opportunities for its diverse stakeholders. The cost of healthcare pressures the entire economy and is prompting both government agencies and private plans to transition from passive payors to active purchasers of healthcare services, with a focus on quality, value and the experience of care. Fee-for-service reimbursement remains widespread, but demand is growing for value-based care where payment is tied to quality, cost and outcomes. These changes present unique challenges to our clients, depending upon their position in the marketplace and strategic goals.

As health systems, healthcare plans, investors, life sciences and technology companies, and other stakeholders come together in new ways, with collaborative approaches to healthcare delivery and payment, our Strategic Healthcare team brings together multi-dimensional experience and a comprehensive approach to healthcare.

Our team is ready to assist whether you are looking for solutions through the adoption of a strategic health plan or strategic healthcare delivery and investment.

Strategic Health Plans: We help employers looking to take a more active role in managing healthcare costs and outcomes while ensuring their employees and their families have access to better, more affordable healthcare. We provide advice regarding direct contracting, specialty carveouts, nontraditional pricing structures, ERISA programs, pharmacy services, data privacy, corporate governance and transactions, and more.

Strategic Healthcare Delivery and Investment: Our team advises a broad range of providers as they navigate the shifting regulatory and reimbursement landscape, including the transition to value-based care models. Our clients include health systems, community hospitals, physicians’ groups, private equity investors, and life sciences/technology companies.


Changing the Trajectory of Employer-Provided Healthcare