Webinar: Changes: How Nonprofits "Turn and Face the Strange"

Events / Wednesday, December 8, 2021


Even in “normal” times, nonprofit organizations regularly face changes: internal changes such as leadership transitions or the evolution of founding boards to fundraising boards; external changes such as shifting funder priorities or new rules and regulations; and now, of course, pandemic-related changes from operational adjustments, remote workforces and income scarcity.

Partner Alexander Reid of BakerHostetler, leader of BakerHostetler’s Tax Exempt Organizations and Charitable Giving team, and Ed Spitzberg of Spitzberg Advisors, a consulting firm specializing in nonprofit strategy and transitions, will walk you through examples of such changes, suggest ways to manage them and show you how to seize opportunities from them. This webinar will cover leading through change, strategies for addressing changes strange and not so strange, including:

  • Executive transitions
  • Board transitions
  • Crises and opportunities
  • Investigations and legal controversies

We hope that by the end of this webinar you’ll be more comfortable facing these and other changes and will have a foundation of knowledge to face the most common changes types of changes.

Please join Alex and Ed as we turn and face the strange (and not so strange).

For questions, please contact Lindsay Sonich at 216.861.6448 or