Workplace Privacy: The Ever-Increasing Risks of Breaches and Maintaining Data and Information

Events / March 14, 2023

Workplaces and organizations are facing increasing demands to monitor time spent by workers at home and to investigate and remedy security breaches. Technology presents solutions for business demands but must be balanced by an increased concern with impinging on privacy rights. The National Labor Relations Board has recently targeted GPS tracking, video surveillance, key loggers, automated managing software and artificial intelligence as potentially interfering with all employees’ concerted activity rights under the National Labor Relations Act. There is an increasing trend toward empowering employees with ownership rights concerning their own data, and the risks to employers are not hypothetical. In the first verdict finding violations of employees’ biometric privacy rights, a class of employees was awarded over $228 million. The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) now applies to employees, job applicants and business-to-business contacts. Join us for a practical discussion of the quickly evolving workplace privacy requirements and best practices.