BakerHostetler 2013 Year-End Review of Class Actions

...and what to expect in 2014

Alerts / January 21, 2014

We are pleased to share with you the BakerHostetler 2013 Year-End Review of Class Actions, which offers a summary of some of the key developments in class action litigation during the past year. Class action litigation continues to persist in all areas of civil litigation, and the doctrines governing class action disputes came under heavy Supreme Court scrutiny in 2013. The Court issued one landmark class action decision after another in 2013, crafting new standards and rules that are sure to prominently shape the foreseeable future of class action litigation throughout the country.

We hope you find this Review a useful tool as you move forward into the new year. This comprehensive analysis of last year's developments in class action procedure and jurisdiction, as well as developments by subject matter will hopefully provide context and insight as you look ahead to 2014's expected trends in class action law, including the increasing emphasis on fine-tuning Rule 23's certification requirements, the continued proliferation of privacy class action litigation, and the impact of key forthcoming decisions affecting securities class actions.

The Review is a joint project of the firm's Class Action Defense, Antitrust and Competition, Privacy and Data Protection, Securities Litigation and Regulatory Enforcement, Appellate and Major Motions, and Employment Class Actions practice teams and is the fruit of collaborative efforts of numerous attorneys from across the firm.

For updates throughout the year, please be sure to visit the blogs sponsored by each of these practice teams: Class Action Lawsuit Defense Blog, Antitrust Advocate, Data Privacy Monitor, and Employment Class Action Blog.


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Class Action Lawsuit Defense
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Class Action Lawsuit Defense
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Caution: Precertification Communications with Absent Class Members
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