Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal: Dealing With Consumer-Generated Content on Social Networking Sites

Articles / November 1, 2009

Cleveland partner Deborah Wilcox, who is the Ohio coordinator for the firm's Intellectual Property, Technology and Media Practice, and Cleveland associate Joseph Esmont co-authored an article, "Dealing With Consumer-Generated Content on Social Networking Sites," which was published in the November 2009 edition of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal.

According to Wilcox and Esmont, "Consumer-generated content on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter can provide unique marketing and public relations opportunities for brands . . . Of course, consumer-generated content also carries the risk of creating unwelcome associations for brands or products."

The authors continue: "The use of popular characters and products cannot be easily controlled on social networking sites. The expense of trying to control every use of your intellectual property may simply be unjustifiable, and innocuous uses may even be beneficial to the brand. However, for large groups or particularly damaging content, there are several strategies to keep control over your rights."

Click to read the full article from the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association website (pg. 8).