Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal: New Benefits of Trademark Registration

Articles / July 1, 2010

In the July/August issue of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal, an article by Cleveland partner Deborah A. Wilcox highlighted several compelling reasons why brand owners should pursue formal registration of their marks.

In “New Benefits of Trademark Registration,” Wilcox explained that registration “carries many benefits that greatly assist brand owners in dealing with e-commerce and social media issues.”

For example, registration helps protect brand owners from abuse of the name on social networking sites and in sponsored links triggered through keyword purchases in search engines. Further, trademark registration “also greatly assists in taking action against cybersquatters who incorporate character names in domain names,” she noted.

Wilcox concludes that, “the registration of trademarks in the United States (and around the world) provides property owners with a variety of legal benefits and tools that would not otherwise be available. Trademark registration also assists in the ease of enforcement against unauthorized uses of the character names in online contexts.”