Alan Friel Co-Authors Article on Safeguarding Brand Reputation in Social Media in Corporate Counsel

Articles / June 18, 2013

Partner Alan Friel co-authored the article, “Safeguarding Brand Reputation in Social Media,” published on June 18, 3013 in Corporate Counsel. The article states:

Social media has changed the way businesses communicate, enabling brands to directly engage with consumers. Companies are turning increasingly to social media platforms to structure innovative and edgy marketing and promotions that often include a mix of user-generated content, text messaging, Twitter messaging, Facebook applications, blogging, viral marketing, and other social elements. However, the tech-savvy marketing professionals that are entrusted to do this are often unaware of the complex legal overlay of the digital world and the potential pitfalls for their company’s failure to comply.

The article then lists and discusses 10 compliance issues to consider.

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