Ann O'Brien, Joshua Jowdy Article Analyzes Qualcomm Win in Antitrust Matter

Articles / October 19, 2020

Partner Ann O’Brien and Associate Joshua Jowdy authored an article published by LegalTech News on Oct. 19, 2020. The article, “9th Circuit Qualcomm Opinion: Good News for Companies Facing Antitrust ‘Techlash’?,” examines the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision in Federal Trade Commission v. Qualcomm. The ruling reversed the district court decision, which had found that Qualcomm’s “no license, no chips” policies violated antitrust laws. O’Brien and Jowdy write: “Tech companies may draw both comfort and language from the Ninth Circuit’s Qualcomm opinion, which seems to cheer on innovation and hypercompetitive conduct while narrowly defining antitrust markets and relevant harm.”

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