Arthur Baker Explains How a Recent Crackdown on Florida Homestead Exemption Fraud is Catching Property Owners Unware

Articles / August 2, 2016

Associate Arthur Baker authored an article published in the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of The Real Estate Finance Journal. The article, “Florida: Sun, Fun, and Sand or Back Taxes, Penalties, and Interest?” focuses on the recent crackdown by some Florida counties on Florida homestead exemption fraud. Baker explains how property owners may unknowingly find themselves the target of the crackdown and subject to a claim for back taxes, penalties and interest because they were allegedly improperly granted the Florida homestead exemption. He then makes recommendations for how property owners can assess whether they might be at risk for such a claim, options for addressing such a claim if they are currently at risk and what can be done now to help avoid such a claim in the future.

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