Bruce Sanford Column Explains Why U.S. Law Makes it Hard for Trump to Win a Libel Case

Articles / October 26, 2016

Partner Bruce Sanford authored an opinion column published by The Washington Post on Oct. 26, 2016. The column, “Are Libel Laws Rigged Against Trump? Yes, on Purpose,” discusses the body of law that deliberately makes is difficult for a public figure such as Donald Trump to win a libel case by protecting “uninhibited, robust speech” on public affairs.

After the column was published, Sanford spoke with The Poynter Institute, a media education and strategy institution and he is quoted in an article published on “The reality is that libel cases typically have a high emotional quotient, much more gut than brain at work. My strategy often is to take the drama and energy out of the case — easier to resolve or win in court that way.”

Portions of the Poynter Institute article also were published on

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