Carl Hittinger, Jeanne-Michele Mariani Article Examines Presidential Pardons in Antitrust Cases

Articles / November 1, 2019

Partner Carl Hittinger and Associate Jeanne-Michele Mariani authored an article published Nov. 1, 2019, by The Legal Intelligencer. The article, “The Presidential Pardon Power and Antitrust Laws,” examines the foundations of the presidential pardon power and how it has been used on occasions when the sitting president does not agree with decisions made by past administrations or could even be used for antitrust prosecutions conducted by his own administration. Hittinger and Mariani discuss historic cases in which the powerful pardon power, including President Trump’s recent unexplained pardon of scientist Zay Jeffries, who helped secure the Allied victory in World War II, but was convicted of an antitrust violation in 1948.

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