Carl Hittinger, Jeanne-Michele Mariani Author Article Discussing DOJ Interest in Claims of Price-Fixing in Chicken Industry

Articles / July 26, 2019

Partner Carl Hittinger and Associate Jeanne-Michele Mariani authored an article published in the July 26, 2019, issue of The Legal Intelligencer. The article, “Is Big Chicken Cooked? DOJ Intervenes in Price-Fixing Investigation,” discusses a recent intervention by the Department of Justice (DOJ) in a class action antitrust lawsuit that alleges that some of the country’s largest poultry companies coordinated prices between 2008 and 2016. The DOJ launched similar investigations into the canned tuna industry in 2015 and Hittinger and Mariani write that the DOJ’s interest in the chicken class action “seems to mean that the government wants to ensure nothing is made public that might hinder their pre-indictment investigation.”

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