Carl Hittinger, Jeffry Duffy Author Article Examining Third Circuit Decisions Post-"Actavis"

Articles / July 30, 2018

Partners Carl Hittinger and Jeffry Duffy authored an article published July 27, 2018, by The Legal Intelligencer. The article, “ ‘Actavis’ and Reverse-Payments Suits in the Third Circuit after Five Years,” is an analysis of rulings by the Third Circuit regarding litigation over patent settlement agreements between rival branded and generic pharmaceutical manufacturers since so-called “reverse payments” were addressed by the U.S. Supreme Court in FTC v. Actavis. Hittinger and Duffy write that although the Third Circuit has addressed some important issues raised by Actavis, “with more reverse-payment cases brought by private plaintiffs and the FTC working their way through the district courts, the Third Circuit is bound to make its often strong antitrust voice heard over the next few years on unresolved aspects of the Actavis framework.”

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