Carl Hittinger, Tyson Herrold Look at the History of Presidential Intervention in Antitrust Policies

Articles / August 28, 2017

Partner Carl Hittinger and Associate Tyson Herrold authored a three-part analysis published July 28, 2017, and Aug. 25, 2017, and Sept. 29, 2017 by The Legal Intelligencer. The articles, titled “Presidential Powers and Antitrust Policies,” analyze the role of the executive branch and the president in directing, controlling and sometimes dictating antitrust enforcement policy. Part One reviews the policies under Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and others in the early 20th century and their direct intervention in antitrust investigations and merger issues. Part Two discusses the role played by Presidents Reagan, Clinton and Obama in enforcing the Sherman Act. Part Three discusses oversight of the Federal Trade Commission by Presidents Reagan and Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the extent of the FTC’s accountability to the president and to Congress.

Read Part One.

Read Part Two.

Read Part Three.

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