David Rivkin, Andrew Grossman Author White Paper on Bitcoin Technology

Articles / April 12, 2016

Partners David Rivkin and Andrew Grossman authored a white paper published in March 2016 by The Federalist Society. The article, “The Alt-Chain Revolution: Regulatory Considerations for the Next Wave of Bitcoin Innovation,” alternatives to the computer network that currently facilitates Bitcoin-based transactions and the legal and regulatory uncertainty in this area of commerce. Rivkin and Grossman trace the origins and developments of virtual currency-based transactions and conclude:

Given the immense benefits of these technologies, and the thoughtful approach that regulators like FinCEN have already taken to combating money laundering and other criminal uses in virtual currency services, regulators should proceed in this area with a light touch, clarifying the application of existing law to new services while exercising reasonable forbearance to avoid choking off new approaches.

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