Elliot Feldman, Michael Snarr Article Calls for Nonpunitive Approach to Greening Trade

Articles / April 28, 2021

Partners Elliot Feldman and Michael Snarr authored and “Expert Analysis – Opinion” that was published on April 28, 2021, by Law360. The analysis, “US Needs Better, Nonpunitive Approach to Greening Trade,” discusses how the United States should lead a global effort to address climate change by rewarding foreign efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve forests instead of imposing punitive tariffs on foreign goods whose manufacture is made more environmentally responsible through government intervention.

Feldman and Snarr write: “Trade policy that imposes tariffs on goods where governments have assisted in cleaning up the environment will not make the U.S. a leader and will not bring about change.” They suggest less focus on enforcement and compliance and more emphasis on encouragement and reward, noting, “What’s good for the environment must be encouraged, no matter who pays.”

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