Francis Palumbo, Lindsay Holmes Article Examines Culpability in Opioid Crisis

Articles / March 26, 2019

Of Counsel Francis Palumbo and Associate Lindsay Holmes authored an article published in the January-February 2019 issue of the Journal of Health Care Compliance. The article, “Culpability in the Opioid Crisis,” discusses the push to curb the opioid crisis in the United States. Palumbo and Holmes focus on the responsibilities and challenges for pharmacies and pharmacists to use all the tools available to avoid misuse of opioid prescription.

They conclude:

Compliance measures are integral to minimizing the risk of litigation and administrative enforcement as the federal and state authorities continue to weed out bad actors. Pharmacists and pharmacies can look to recent litigation and enforcement actions to establish best practices, including recordkeeping and identifying the red flags of diversion.

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