Hittinger, Perlman Review Supreme Court Nominee Garland's Record in Antitrust Matters

Articles / April 4, 2016

Partner Carl Hittinger and Associate Julian Perlman authored an article published on and in The Legal Intelligencer on April 1, 2016. The article, “Supreme Court Nominee Garland: An Assessment of Antitrust Expertise,” focuses on the substantive antitrust opinions in which Chief Judge Merrick Garland has joined but not authored and the one in which he dissented and concurred during his tenure on the D.C. Circuit since 1997. The authors conclude that Garland is not the antitrust expert many commentators have heralded but do opine that:

Garland would appear to be a measured, thorough, thoughtful jurist who fully searches the record, relying not just on the arguments or speculation advanced by counsel or the district court.

Read the article.

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