Holly Melton Article Details Recent FTC Actions against Dietary Supplement Marketers

Articles / October 24, 2017

Partner Holly Melton authored an article published Oct. 19, 2017, by Law360. The article, “Cos. Pursued by FTC Show How Not to Sell Health Products,” discusses recent actions taken by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against dietary supplement makers accused of disseminating unsubstantiated health claims, failing to disclose material connections and other deceptive marketing practices.

Melton outlines the deceptive practices in each case and notes the significant fines imposed by the FTC. She concludes that advertisers should seek to ensure that their claims are supported by reliable scientific evidence and that all terms and offers are properly disclosed and that material connections are disclosed.

She also notes that the FTC action “illustrates that individuals and ad agencies that an advertiser utilizes to facilitate false and deceptive advertising can be held accountable along with the advertiser itself.”

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