James Sherer, David Choi, Csilla Boga-Lofaro Article Examines Rulings Regarding Technology Assisted Review of Documents

Articles / February 6, 2018

Partner James Sherer and Associates David Choi and Csilla Boga-Lofaro authored an article that was included as part of the proceedings of the 2017 Georgetown Advanced eDiscovery Institute and subsequently published in the February 2018 issue of The Computer & Internet Lawyer. The article, “Court Guideposts for the Path to Technology Assisted Review Adoption,” details what various courts have held regarding Technology Assisted Review (TAR) in general, examines a number of TAR-process specifics, and provides some guidance for parties confronting the use of TAR in litigation.

Sherer, Choi and Boga-Lofaro review and analyze a number of TAR-related issues and considerations and conclude:

[F]or those parties considering the implementation of TAR as a discovery mechanism, the published case law does provide guidance for a sound protocol and approach, and indicates how courts will consider the specifics of a party’s ultimate determinations and resulting productions.

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