James Sherer, Emily Fedeles Article Examines Use of Artificial Intelligence to Review Case Law Databases

Articles / October 21, 2016

Partner James Sherer and Associate Emily Fedeles co-authored an article published Oct. 21, 2016, in the journal Artificial Intelligence and Law. The article is titled, “Cognitive Computing and Proposed Approaches to Conceptual Organization of Case Law Knowledge Bases: A Proposed Model for Information Preparation, Indexing, and Analysis.”

This article explored the conceptual organization of case law knowledge bases (or Carole Hafner’s “COC” approach) as it applied concept indexation and concept search based on an annotation model of three interacting components combined with a system of expert legal reasoning to aid in the retrieval of pertinent case law. Specifically, the article focused on (1) digitized case law and related materials; (2) computer science analytical protocols; and (3) more advanced forms of artificial intelligence approaches, addressing these advances and providing a present-day process for the application of the COC model.

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