Jonathan Forman, Jonathan Blattmachr Analyze SEC Risk Alert on Hedge Funds' Best Execution Obligations

Articles / August 3, 2018

Counsels Jonathan Forman and Jonathan Blattmachr authored an article published in the August 2018 issues of HFM Global. The article, “What the SEC’s Best Execution Risk Alert Means for Hedge Funds,” reviews the July 11, 2018, risk alert issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations on the obligations of investment advisers to obtain best execution of client transactions. Forman and Blattmachr list several regulatory expectations highlighted in the risk alert, including that advisers should:

  • Tailor written policies and procedures;
  • Periodically review and compare execution;
  • Seek input from traders and portfolio managers;
  • Fully and accurately disclose execution practices; and
  • Account for soft dollars and mixed-used services.

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