Karin Jenson Writes About Impact of Timing Requirement Added to Rule 34 of FRCP

Articles / December 7, 2015

Partner Karin Scholz Jenson authored an article published in the December 1, 2015, edition of Metropolitan Corporate Counsel. The article, “Civil Rules Roundtable: Low Profile, High Impact,” analyzes a change to Rule 34 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. That change, Rule 34(b)(2)(B), requires a responding party to provide the timing of production. Jenson notes:

Requiring specificity in the timing of production means that parties will necessarily have to address electronic discovery earlier in the process, in order to be able to provide such specificity with responses. This is consistent with one of the overarching themes of the rule amendments – speeding up the timeline of cases and getting parties to discuss electronic discovery issues earlier. Thus, even some of the seemingly more modest changes to the rules may have far-reaching impact when applied against traditional discovery practices.

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