Linda Goldstein, La Toya Sutton Article Examines Trends in Ad Industry Self-Regulation

Articles / January 23, 2018

Partner Linda Goldstein and Associate La Toya Sutton authored an article published Jan. 22, 2018, by Law360. The article, “5 Things Advertisers Learned from NAD Last Year,” lists five important trends culled from the case reports of the National Advertising Division (NAD) in 2017. They are:

  • Health and safety are still top priorities and a truthful claim is not immune from scrutiny.
  • Marketers should be careful when making claims that a product is “natural” to avoid unintended messages.
  • Care must be taken to avoid conveying broad environmental or “green” claims that generally cannot be supported.
  • “Puffery” issues are very dependent on context and marketers need to consider if their claims can be seen as vague.
  • Despite an increase in noncompliance referrals and National Advertising Review Board appeals, the NAD, the investigative unit of the ad industry’s system of self-regulation, remains an efficient and effective tool for ensuring truthful advertising.

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