Linda Goldstein, Randal Shaheen Are Contributing Editors for Chambers & Partners First-Ever Global Practice Guide on Advertising & Marketing Law

Articles / October 12, 2020

Partners Linda Goldstein and Randal Shaheen authored the introduction to the Chambers & Partners Advertising & Marketing 2020 Practice Guide. It is the first time Chambers has published a practice guide for advertising and marketing law and Goldstein and Shaheen write: “Every year has its share of interesting developments and unique circumstances. It is likely, however, that none in recent memory can rival 2020. Nor, surely, have so many ever been so eager to put a year behind them. Few areas of the law are as sensitive to the everyday concerns that impact all of us around the world as advertising and marketing. Particularly in a digital era, advertisers and marketers can react almost in real time to create messages, and products and services, to address the concerns and needs that are foremost in the minds of global consumers."

In addition, Goldstein, Shaheen, and Partners Amy Ralph Mudge and Alan Friel authored the Practice Guide chapter on U.S. advertising law.

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