Marc Antonetti Reviews Recent Advice Memoranda Issued by NLRB

Articles / June 4, 2019

Partner Marc Antonetti authored an article published June 4, 2019, by Law360. The article, “Top Insights from NLRB’s New Advice Opinions,” reports on nine advice memoranda issued by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) this spring. Antonetti reviews the issues covered in the memoranda and the NLRB’s conclusions in each matter. He observes:

Although one certainly cannot draw too many inferences from the release of only two months’ worth of Division of Advice memoranda, it is interesting to note that, in general terms, nine of the 13 memoranda discussed above were either decided adversely to the union and its adherents or in favor of the employer, three of the 13 reflected mixed decisions, and only one, from November 2016, was decided in favor of a union and its adherents.

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