Marc Powers, Joanna Wasick Article Analyzes Settlement Agreements in Two ICO Class Actions

Articles / June 10, 2020

Partners Marc Powers and Joanna Wasick authored an article published by Securities Regulation Daily on June 10, 2020. The article is titled “Tezos and ATB Cryptocurrency Class Action Cases Provide Guidance on Different Factors Driving Settlements Against ICO Issuers for Securities Law Registration Violations.” Powers and Wasick examine the circumstances and different outcomes of the two cases – with a $25 million settlement in Tezos and a $250,000 settlement in ATB - and write that, “The Tezos and ATB cases can show parties in ongoing ICO class actions that less obvious, and less traditional, defenses and issues, which are specific to the nature of ICOs and blockchain technology, may well be the difference between a significant settlement and a trivial one.”

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