Matthew Thurlow Analyzes Long-term Reforms at EPA that Appear to Be Continuing Under Administrator Pruitt

Articles / May 10, 2018

Partner Matthew Thurlow authored an article published May 9, 2018 by Bloomberg Environment. The article, “The Next Generation of Federal Environmental Compliance and Enforcement,” is an analysis of reforms at the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) first begun under the Obama-era Next Generation Compliance initiative that appear to be continuing under the current administration. Thurlow writes:

The principles of Next Generation Compliance fit neatly into the goals set by this administration to reduce compliance burdens on the regulatory community, improve the efficiency and responsiveness of the agency, and limit the costs and necessity of litigation in enforcement matters. In an era of declining EPA budgets and staffing, it is apparent that Next Generation Compliance tools—regardless of their prior association with the Obama administration—will remain essential to ensuring that the EPA can effectively deploy its resources to maximize compliance with the nation’s environmental laws.

Read the article (registration required).

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