Michael Semes, Matthew Hunsaker Author Analysis of Michigan Stock Sale Tax Ruling

Articles / April 8, 2020

Of Counsel Mike Semes and Partner Matt Hunsaker authored a “Tax Management Memorandum” published by Bloomberg Tax on April 6, 2020. The authors discuss how this case demonstrates that statutory apportionment methods frequently and unlawfully tax a disproportionate amount of gain from the sales of any kind of business interest. Therefore, taxpayers should carefully examine whether proposing an alternative apportionment method may reduce their tax liability.

The article is titled “Michigan Court of Appeals Decision Holding that Sale of Stock Entitled to Use Alternative Apportionment Has Broad Implications.” Semes and Hunsaker analyze the implications of the court’s ruling Vectren Infrastructure Services Corp., successor-in-interest to Minnesota Limited, Inc., v. Dept. of Treasury (MLI).

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