Daniel Birnbaum Article Analyzes Federal Worker Safety Initiative

Articles / March 17, 2016

Associate Daniel Birnbaum authored an article published March 14, 2016, by Law360. The article, “Worker Safety Faces Increased Scrutiny from DOJ and DOL,” examines a recently announced expansion to the worker endangerment initiative by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Labor (DOL) intended to increase the frequency and effectiveness of criminal prosecutions for violations of worker safety laws. As a result, Birnbaum writes, “the government will start to bring felony charges against employers for routine worker safety violations, and employers … may be subject to the greater penalties available under environmental and other criminal laws.” He conclude:

[E]mployers should proactively implement a program that ensures effective coordination among health, safety and environmental departments in the event a joint enforcement effort is made by the DOL and DOJ. These action steps will help position an employer to be prepared to respond to enforcement proceedings brought under this new initiative.

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