Poe Leggette Authors Analysis That Argues Benefits Should be Considered Alongside Social Costs of Carbon Emissions

Articles / April 8, 2021

Partner Poe Leggette authored an “Expert Analysis-Opinion” that was published by Law360 on April 8, 2021. The article, “Consider Benefits of Carbon Emissions Alongside Costs,” discusses a recent Biden administration announcement that federal agencies will conduct regulatory and environmental analyses assuming that the global social cost of emitting carbon dioxide is $51 per ton. Leggette notes that “the $51 value does not consider the social benefit of consuming oil and gas.”

Leggette writes: “The failure of the social cost of carbon to consider the benefits is what lies at the heart of Missouri v. Biden, a lawsuit filed last month by states against the Biden administration. The states claim that, by design, the social cost of carbon skews the analysis to justify increased federal authority over areas of regulation traditionally left to the states.”

Read the article (registration required).

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