Ronald Gaither, Elizabeth McCurrach Examine Potential Effect of Sports Betting Decision on College Athletes

Articles / August 1, 2018

Partner Ronald Gaither and Associate Elizabeth McCurrach authored an article published July 31, 2018, by Law360. The article, “How the Sports Betting Decision May Affect College Athletes,” explores some implications of the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Murphy v. NCAA, which opened a path for legalized sports betting in every state.

Gaither and McCurrach examine the potential that college athletes, who receive no pay, will be particularly vulnerable to point-shaving schemes and other manipulations. They note: “While the full effects of the Murphy decision on the state of college athletics are unclear, the need for transparency is paramount. As it navigates a new world with increased sports betting and the resultant potential for increased corruption, the NCAA must carefully balance the need to protect the definition of the amateur athlete and the amateur athletes themselves.”

On August 3, 2018, they published a longer exploration of the many legal implications of the Supreme Court’s decision for leagues, teams, players, and the gaming industry in the Aug. 3, 2018 issue of Sports Litigation Alert entitled: “The Future of Legal Sports Gambling: What Everyone Needs to Know about Murphy v. NCAA.” Gaither and McCurrach analyze potential issues concerning the refined data underlying certain sports and the threats to ownership of the data. In addition to an overview of the decision itself, they examine the potential effects of the decision on state revenue, the threat of money laundering through sport, and the current league lobbying effort throughout the states.

Read the Law360 article (registration required).

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