Transnational Dispute Management Praises Cymrot and Levine's Recent Chapter in The Roles of Psychology in International Arbitration

Articles / December 13, 2017

Transnational Dispute Management recently published a review of The Roles of Psychology in International Arbitration, which includes a chapter authored by Partners Mark Cymrot and Paul Levine. In “The Roles of Psychology in International Arbitration – A Review,” authors J. Wessel and B. Pilbrow summarize Cymrot’s and Levine’s Chapter 8 discussion of the psychological benefits of going first in international arbitration proceedings. They remark on the attorneys’ “quality of the presentation of the research,” and conclude that “Overall, this chapter makes persuasive reading.”

Cymrot and Levine describe the strategic impact of procedural decisions in international arbitration, with a focus on the importance of order of presentation at the hearing. Their article questions preconceived notions of the weight given to written memorials and the need for critical thinking when agreeing to procedures often used in arbitration.

Other contributors to the book write about psychological studies and their own behavioral insights about the decision-making process in international arbitration. The book includes chapters by internationally renowned arbitrators, law professors, psychology professors and psychologists.

The book is part of the International Arbitration Law Library, edited by Tony Cole, and published by Wolters Kluwer.

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