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Every employer, no matter the size or industry, must be proactive about addressing diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace. Our attorneys partner with organizations of all types in all industries to better understand what DE&I in the workplace means and how to successfully approach every client’s unique workforce. Doing so is not only right but also critical for recruitment and retention, marketplace positioning, and long-term vitality and growth. When a workforce is well aligned with successfully executed DE&I goals and initiatives, employees are engaged, have a strong sense of belonging, are valued, and are contributing at their highest potential. Furthermore, an inclusive culture that encourages diverse ideas allows for better outcomes, more unique and thoughtful solutions to challenges, and better alignment – all resulting in happier clients and customers, equating to stronger profits.

Having a successful DE&I program requires clearly defining and addressing all relevant DE&I issues, designing and implementing DE&I initiatives that can really make an impact, measuring the efficacy of those initiatives, and effectively handling internal complaints and investigations. The interrelated yet separate tenets of DE&I bring value to an organization.

We help clients on a range of matters, drawing on the considerable expertise of our attorneys to assist employers with planning, prioritizing, executing, surveying, training, and auditing pay and assessments. Whether it’s a question of staying in compliance with evolving federal, state and local law and policy; deepening DE&I efforts for a more welcoming and productive workforce; developing strategies to prevent litigation on issues like discrimination or #MeToo; or managing the challenges of existing litigation, we leverage our experience and dedication to best serve our clients.

Employers of all sizes come to us for guidance on the following:

  • Developing specific DE&I goals
  • Reviewing existing policies, practices and statistics regarding recruitment, retention, performance evaluations, pay and promotional decisions to identify areas of opportunity for change, and to ensure employee retention
  • Conducting metric analysis and strategy
  • Preparing proactive strategies to enhance DE&I programs
  • Developing internal policies and communication with respect to both their DE&I programs and current relevant social justice issues affecting workplaces
  • Creating processes and procedures around obtaining data
  • Assisting with compliance regarding the Dodd-Frank Act, EEO and OFCCP regulations, and affirmative action obligations
  • Conducting risk-reduction audits and developing compliant processes and approaches to handling lessons learned from employment claims
  • Providing education, training, and leadership development
  • Developing strategies for crisis mitigation and handling of internal and external communications


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