AD-ttorneys@law Webinar – Consumer Regulatory Update

Events / Thursday, June 20, 2019

On Thursday, June 20, 2019, BakerHostetler's Advertising, Marketing and Digital Media team hosted a webinar, "AD-ttorneys@law Webinar – Consumer Regulatory Update." Amy Ralph Mudge, co-leader of the Advertising, Marketing and Digital Media practice, discussed current consumer regulatory developments and trends with featured guest Mary K. Engle, associate director for advertising practices at the Federal Trade Commission. They shared insights and guidance on a host of hot topics, including:

  • Advertising enforcement in the Simons-led FTC
  • Enforcement in the area of consumer reviews, including the first cases under the Consumer Review Fairness Act
  • New cases alleging undisclosed compensated reviews
  • Remedies and redress in substantiation cases
  • “Made in USA” enforcement
  • Loot boxes, and more

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