Blockchain and the Food Supply Chain Webinar

Events / Tuesday, August 21, 2018
1 - 2 p.m. EDT

Blockchain technology is transforming business operations across industries far beyond payments and financial services. One compelling example is the food supply chain, where blockchain offers improved efficiency, transparency and proof of authenticity, along with significant advances in food traceability and safety.

In this webinar, BakerHostetler’s blockchain team members will provide an introduction to the key concepts that make blockchain a transformative technology, then turn to focus on blockchain applications for food supply chains, and a review of current food industry pilot programs. We will discuss how to recognize when blockchain is – or is not – a good fit for solving business problems, and highlight critical issues in designing and implementing a blockchain solution.


CLE credit:

  • One hour of CLE credit is approved for CA, FL, GA, NY, OH, PA and TX, as well as CO and NJ via reciprocity.
  • Credit is pending for IL and WA.
  • Credit will be provided in additional states as requested.

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For questions, contact Lindsay Sonich at 216.861.6448.


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