COVID-19 Concerns in the Workplace – Legal Issues Employers Must Consider

Events / Thursday, March 5, 2020

With reported cases of COVID-19 (Corona virus disease - 2019) in the United States and the Trump administration's declaration that the virus is a public health emergency, employers need to know what they may, or must, lawfully do to keep their workforce safe while continuing operations.

Employers are asking many questions. What steps should I take to prevent the spread of the virus in our workplaces? What travel restriction may I impose on employees? Can I require employees who have traveled abroad to work from home? What are the legal or regulatory guidelines that need to be considered? How do I determine whether FMLA or other leave laws apply? What about OSHA requirements?

To address this surge of inquiries, BakerHostetler has established a COVID-19 Employment Issues Taskforce to help employers navigate the legal implications in the workplace. This webinar, led by Nancy Inesta, Jay Krupin, Nathan Schacht and Michael Parente, will address:

  • Best practices for maintaining a healthy workplace.
  • What to consider in planning for continuity of operations.
  • Published guidelines from the EEOC and OSHA.
  • Employee rights under the NLRA.
  • Other questions you may have. We will be allowing time for Q&A.


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