Initial Coin Offerings: Will Fundraising Ever Be The Same?

Events / Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017
8:30 - 10:30 a.m.

45 Rockefeller Plaza, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10111 

Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies and the Future of the Capital Markets

In 2017, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Token-Generating Events (TGEs) have resulted in an influx of almost $2 billion into projects involving distributed ledger technologies commonly referred to as Blockchain Technology. In some cases, the event marks the launch of a new protocol and a new cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin or Zcash). In other cases, a smart contract-generated token plays an important role in the execution of a new business concept. In addition to the sheer amount of funds raised, the price of cryptocurrencies (like Ethereum and Bitcoin) used to acquire new cryptocurrencies and tokens has increased dramatically.

Tokens can offer an efficient and often cost-effective method of raising funds from less traditional and more diverse sources. Some of the new tokens have experienced substantial returns, while others have fallen victim to security breaches, general business failure and even fraud.

Regardless of whether this is a passing fad or a fundamental change in fundraising, regulators in a growing number of countries are stepping up their oversight. Please see our recent publication "SEC Statement on Treatment of Digital Assets under the Federal Securities Laws" for more on this topic.

What are the implications of these developments for traditional investors such as venture capitalists, angel investors and family offices? How might ICOs ultimately impact the capital markets? To help us answer these questions, we have brought together a panel of leading entrepreneurs, investment professionals and attorneys to discuss best practices, how to spot opportunities and how ICOs may ultimately impact the venture capital industry.

  • Walter Van Dorn, BakerHostetler
  • David Evans, DEFT Capital Advisors, LLC
  • Kenzi Wang, Superbloom Capital
  • Richie Hecker, Traction & Scale LLC
  • Carol Van Cleef, BakerHostetler
  • Calvin Bradley, Blockchain for Change
  • Dan Doney, Securrency Inc.
  • Aram Barnett, Alluminate LLC
  • Jim Day, BakerHostetler (Moderator)

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