Webinar: Amid the Uncertainty, What's Next in ESG Initiatives?

Events / Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The global pandemic, prevalence of environmental and social issues, and the election all impact the already heavy focus on ESG (environmental, social and governance) initiatives by companies and their investors. How are these influences affecting the approach that these parties, as well as lawmakers and regulators, take to ESG priorities and disclosure?

This timely webinar provided attendees with an understanding of the current ESG landscape, how the events of 2020 are shifting that landscape and what we might expect post-election. The webinar also provided attendees with practical and legal considerations for companies in making ESG disclosures.

Our panel of experienced corporate governance and government relations attorneys discussed current hot-topic ESG issues, including:

  • Understanding ESG metrics and the rating agencies that evaluate ESG performance.
  • How ESG goals have been, and may continue to be, both uplifted and thwarted as 2020 unfolds.
  • Mitigating legal risks in ESG disclosures and representations.
  • Janet A. Spreen, Partner
  • Teresa Goody Guillén, Partner
  • Marisa T. Kirio, Associate
  • Kevin R. Edgar, Counsel

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