Webinar: Building Cyber Resilience: Compromise Response Intelligence in Action

Events / Wednesday, April 11

Cyber threats are here to stay. No company, large or small, is immune. But there are basic measures you can take to prepare for the legal and business risks associated with an attack.

BakerHostetler’s Privacy and Data Protection team hosted a webinar discussion on the 2018 BakerHostetler Data Security Incident Response Report. Partners Theodore Kobus, Craig HoffmanLynn Sessions, and Casie Collignon shared lessons from their experiences helping executives identify risks, appraise response metrics and apply company-specific risk mitigation strategies. They also discussed:

  • Key Trends: Cause of incidents, incident response timeline, forensic concerns, and GDPR, to name a few.
  • Industries Affected: While healthcare remains number one, we had a shift in other industries dominating the top spots.
  • Attorneys General: AGs are increasingly active, particularly following notifications.
  • Litigation: Prepare for privilege challenges and become familiar with key cases decided in 2017.
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