Webinar: Commercial Leasing and COVID-19: What to Expect Next

Events / Wednesday, September 30, 2020

This timely webinar will addressed the current and future landscape of commercial leasing in the wake of COVID-19. Business shutdowns, widespread work-from-home programs, and reduced numbers of employees returning to the office are bringing unprecedented change to the leasing world. BakerHostetler leasing attorneys from several of our offices, which serve a number of the major U.S. markets, gave a varied perspective on this new leasing landscape.

This webinar covered:

  • Our recent experience in renegotiating and modifying leases when tenants face financial hardship, including helpful strategies, such as deferred rent options, extensions, concessions, and more.
  • Issues to consider when revising standard lease contract forms, including updated force majeure clauses and operating covenants.
  • Unique perspectives on changes in commercial leasing in the retail and healthcare sectors.
  • Potential future impacts and challenges to the leasing environment as work-from-home policies are expanded or made permanent post-pandemic.
  • Lease-related litigation, including actions against business interruption insurers and common law defenses to performance.
  • Nicholas P. Melillo, Partner
  • Bruce R. Greene, Partner
  • Michael J. Pappert, Partner
  • Michael C. Wilde, Partner
  • Michael Iannuzzi, Counsel
  •  Anna Altizer Dix, Associate

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