Webinar: Managing Enterprise Risks in a Digital World: Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Compliance Collide

Events / Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Privacy and Data Protection team hosted a webinar discussion on the 2019 Data Security Incident Response Report. Partners Craig Hoffman, Lynn Sessions, and Paul Karlsgodt expanded on the metrics and insights in the Report and share lessons-learned from their experiences helping entities identify and respond to risks and incidents.

Our 2019 BakerHostetler Data Security Incident Report leverages the metrics and insights drawn from 750+ potential incidents in 2018 to help entities identify and prioritize the measures to take address their digital risk posture.

Discussion points included:

  • Key metrics, such as
    • Leading causes of incidents
    • Incident response timeline – detection, containment, investigation, and notification
    • Average ransom paid, largest ransom paid, and percentage of time an encryption key was received when ransom was paid
    • Investigation costs
  • How emerging laws in the U.S., the EU GDPR, and other countries are changing incident response
  • How regulatory enforcement trends and litigation outcomes affect decision-making
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Recorded Webinar: 

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