Webinar: Real Estate, Cybersecurity and The Internet of Things

Events / Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly changing the digital landscape for business. An increasing number of physical items – from refrigerators and televisions to cars and skyscrapers – are now connected to the Internet (and each other) through a complex web of software and sensors. This technology is poised to revolutionize every industry sector and commercial real estate is no exception.

Although the IoT has the potential to create tremendous value in the real estate context, that opportunity also presents a significant amount of risk. Real estate owners, developers and other professionals must understand the regulations applicable to data they obtain through connected properties. In addition, they must guard against virtual attacks to physical structures.

BakerHostetler’s Real Estate and Cybersecurity teams held a webinar discussing the legal impacts of IoT implementation in commercial real estate.

Topics covered:
  • How IoT technologies are being used today and what to expect in the future.
  • Laws and regulations applicable to smart operations systems and connected devices.
  • Cybersecurity vulnerabilities of IoT-connected buildings.
  • Privacy concerns associated with the collection of personal data and geolocation information through connected infrastructure.
  • Strategies and best practices for minimizing risk when exploring IoT opportunities.

For more information, please contact Julie Kirschnick at 216.861.6772.

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