Webinar: What to Expect in Trump's First 100 Days

Events / Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017

After years of gridlock, Congress is poised to unleash a flurry of legislative activity early in 2017. The agenda is jam-packed as the Republican-led Congress targets major changes to the Affordable Care Act, Dodd-Frank, taxes and a host of Obama Administration regulatory initiatives. Republicans will leverage their congressional majorities to advance their policy priorities, but Democrats have procedural weapons to delay or even derail certain GOP initiatives as they hope to shape legislative outcomes more to their party’s liking. Overshadowing it all will be Donald Trump. How will the new president work with Congress? What happens when the legislative process inevitably slows or the White House loses a key vote? How will lawmakers react when they’re singled out for criticism in a presidential tweet?

It’s critically important that stakeholders understand these issues, the speed with which congressional leaders hope to act and the interplay between the White House and Congress.

Former Congressman Mike Ferguson, head of BakerHostetler’s Federal Policy team, held a special webinar on Congress’s first 100 days at the dawn of the Trump Administration. Joining the discussion was: U.S. Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-Ohio) and U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.). Both lawmakers are senior members of the Ways and Means Committee, the chief tax-writing panel in the House. The committee also has significant legislative jurisdiction over healthcare policy and will play an important role in Republican efforts to change the Affordable Care Act. Tiberi and Pascrell are on the front lines of what likely will be some of the largest legislative battles of 2017.

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