Avery and Rovine Present Lawline Webinar on Compliance Requirements in Government Contracting

News / July 17, 2017

BakerHostetler Partner Barron Avery and Associate Jacqlyn Rovine were the featured speakers for Lawline’s webinar “Keeping Compliant: Compliance Requirements in Government Contracting” on Tuesday, July 11, 2017. Avery and Rovine discussed the importance of compliance for new and veteran government contractors. Topics included:

  • Key components of an effective compliance program.
  • How to tailor a program to an individual company’s needs.
  • How to assign responsibility within an organization for compliance oversight.
  • How to maximize a program’s effectiveness through periodic auditing and training.

The program also covered core compliance requirements, including mandatory disclosure obligations, anti-bribery efforts, gifts and gratuities, anti-human trafficking obligations and internal reporting mechanisms.


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