Abrams, Keteltas $108.9 Million Win Ranked No. 17 among 100 Top Verdicts of 2016

News / April 21, 2017

The $108,913,521 verdict won on behalf of client Jacobs Engineering Group by Partners Robert Abrams and Gil Keteltas is ranked No. 17 in the just-released ALM VerdictSearch list of the top 100 verdicts of 2016. Abrams and Keteltas sued ConAgra Foods Inc. in a contractual indemnity action. The $108.9 million verdict was, at the time of the March award, more than double the largest verdict in Nebraska history. The jury awarded the full amount Jacobs sought and, in finding Jacobs was not negligent, defended its reputation as a leader in safety. In addition to Abrams and Keteltas, the following attorneys worked on the case: Partners Bob Brookhiser, Dan Foix and Laurin Quiat; Counsel Tom Hogan; and Associates Evan Mannering, Stephanie Papastephanou and Richard Raile.


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